what is your name?
preferred name, full name, nicknames, street names, aliases, nom de plume. are you named after anyone?
kathnip alexandrite quartzheart, kind of naturally ended up going by kath for short. her name was chosen for her by the elders of her family, and every female quartzheart is given a gemstone middle name chosen by draw, the qualities attached to this gem are said to be reflected in the name bearer. alexandrite represents creativity, good fortune, and love.
  age / dob / etc.
how old are you? is this young/old for your race? which season were you born in? do you know an actual birthdate or should we determine that plus dnd zodiac sign? tell me about your birth.
thirty-six years old, still considered young since dwarves aren't thought of as adults until 50. still need to figure out date of birth.
are these your birth parents? describe your relationship with your birth parents or pseudo parents at present.
raised by her birth parents, deardelle "dearie" and randan "randy" quartzheart, and is still close to both of them, though she might be a little closer to her father. her mother is a typical dwarf mom and spends a lot of time looking after all her kids and meddling in their lives. her father is a blue collar worker and is the type who'd do anything for his kids. he recognizes kath's musical and magical abilities as her being special and gifted, and her mom just kind of tolerates her unusual interests and expects her to grow out of it any day.
is there anyone in your family who is in/famous? celebrated? notorious? is there anyone in your family you hate?
it's impossible to not be close to her family, they will find their way into your business one way or another. kath is probably the most infamous of her immediately family since she's considered unusual, but the most famous is the lavafall branch of her family, especially her cousin duris since he's known for the mining technology he makes. there's no one in her family that she truly hates, though she thinks some of her brothers are really annoying (lookin' at you, garth), and has a rivalry with her younger sister.
how many siblings do you have? surrogate? non traditional? are you close to them?
kath is one of thirteen siblings, her being the older of only two girls. the siblings and birth order are: randek (randy jr), bardir (bard), gartharn (garth), tybrek (ty), kathnip (kath), regmir (reggie), magmond (mag), hulbek, gernik, bryndora (bryn), bramrom (bram), armrin (armie), dalrus
  grandparents ─
are you close to your grandparents/important elders? are they alive? who are they? what do you call your elders?
well, i think in her dwarven city/village you have more than just your grandparents, anyone who is in a high position within the community is your elder. but her grandparents on both sides are still alive since her branch of the family seems relatively young, though i'm wondering if they all live in the same settlement as the rest of her family? anyway, i think they use tranditional grandparent names, and her mom's parents are nana and papa and dad's parents are gram and gramp.
are you close with your extended family? is it common to know/do you know the current locations, spouses, children, birthdates, schooling, occupations of all family members? how does your family keep in contact or keep track of this info?
she's expected to keep track of everyone and know what's going on with them, but thinks it's impossible. she generally knows what's going on with her siblings, and relies on her mom to keep up with everything else since she'd be meddling and gossiping with everyone anyway.
what is your species/race? are you short or tall for your race? thin or thicc for your race? what is your general body type/frame? what is your posture? what is your typical stance? what is your skin color/tone?
she's a dwarf of average height, and thiccc with three c's.

how long is your hair? how is it cut? what is your hair color? what is your hairstyle day to day? what is your hairstyle when it's #timetofight? what is your hairstyle when you're in high society?

describe your eyes. do they change color?

describe your horns in detail, describe your ears in detail, describe your beard in detail.

based on the REAL WORLDs standard of beauty, how attractive are you? based on the beauty standard of your race/community how attractive are you? describe the beauty standard of your race/community. do you wear makeup? do you wear jewelry?
if you committed a crime and a witness described you to the police, what is the most distinguishing feature they would notice? how do you feel about it? do you have any scars or tattoos? describe them. how did you acquire them? do they hold any specific significance? where are they located?
  MORE ─
what is your handedness? what is your vocal tone? is it common for your race?