full name: Rosalin Alice Nemet
aka: Rose
age & dob: 22 / February 5, 1993
occupation: student / youtuber / works a variety of other odd jobs
location: Boston, MA
orientation: kinsey 2
education: Boston Arts Academy (2011-2014), MassArt for Illustration (2014-)
family: mother (deceased), father, step-mother, older sister, older brother, step-sibling, half-siblings
It was never a secret in the Nemet family that the youngest child, Rose, was an oops baby, especially considering her siblings are seven and nine years older than her. But the child turned out to be a happy accident, since Rose was a sweet, curious, usually calm child who her parents would say caused no extra weight to be added to their parenting load. Though she was affectionate to both of her parents, Rose was especially fond of her mother, and usually wasn't far from wherever the woman was. In her early childhood, her parents would sometimes wonder how the girl would react when she began school and had to finally be pulled away from her beloved mother for entire days, though they were unfortunately forced to find out how she would react before kindergarten started when the woman found out she had breat cancer and had to begin rigorous and aggressive treatment. It was somehow both quick and excruciating to watch the way she faded way, since the illness took her with a little more than a year, but it was heartbreaking to all of her children to watch their much loved parent lose the light in her previously bright eyes.

When mom was sick, the kids had kind of learned how to care for themselves, and Rose, who was technically too young to really care for herself, was looked after by her siblings. No one really questioned where their father was, they just assumed when he didn't come home at his usual time that he was working late, or at the hospital with mom. But it became apparent shortly after her death that he had been up to something none of the kids had expected, seeing another woman. Less than a year after his first wife's death, he was remarrying a new woman who had children of her own. Rose still has never really forgiven him for this, and even at six years old she knew it was wrong. In the marriage she inherited an older step-brother who she grew to intensely dislike, since he was only three years older and picked on her a lot as she grew up. Eventually the couple had some children of their own, creating a new family that all of the previous children secretly resented, though perhaps none more than Rose. As the Nemet children grew up, they all followed the family tradition of leaving home almost immediately. First her sister went away to college and only came home for holidays, then rarely at all. Her brother left home on the day he turned eighteen. Even her step-brother moved out right after high school, which left her alone to play big sister to this new crop of children that constantly reminded her of her father's betrayal of her mother at her moment of need.

Like the other children, Rose followed the tradition, though a little sooner than expected. She had always been a gifted artist, and at age fifteen tried out for the Boston Academy of Arts, which she was accepted into starting her sophomore year of high school. Conveniently, her father did not live in Boston, so she moved in with her older brother in the city. At sixteen she was legally emancipated from her father, effectively removing herself from his home at an earlier age than any of her siblings. After she finished high school, she was accepted into the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she is studying illustration, and still lives with her older brother, who she considers to be her best friend and all the family she needs. In the future she would like to illustrate books, particularly fantasy ones, since she has a slight obsession with that genre, or get involved in comic writing and illustrating. Currently, she makes a living from working odd jobs and some ad revenue from her YouTube channel, where she vlogs and makes art videos.

x the only family member she's very close to is her older brother, shane. though she has a few very fond memories of her mother, who died from cancer when she was six.

x learned american sign language when she was in elementary school in order to communicate with her older brother, today she is fluent and pretty quick with it. often has to act as the family interpreter.

x was legally emancipated at the age of sixteen, shortly after she left home to live in boston. because of this she can be fiercely independent, to the point of being stubborn.

x loves to dance, especially hip hop and jazz. when she was younger she wanted to be a dancer, but chose art instead. still takes classes several times a week.

x is completely obsessed with fantasy literature, thanks to her mom and brother, lord of the rings is her all time favorite. she'll gladly talk to anyone about it for hours.

x has been operating a decently successful youtube channel for the past two years, where she talks about various nerdy things, makes art videos, and does some art tutorials.

x her taste seems to be completely out of time in relation to her age, since her favorite music and movies are from the 80s and 90s, and she knows way too much about pop culture from then.

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