name: tassah buckberry
aliases: tassah swiftarrow
titles & recognition: redwater troublemaker, the fearless, the fearsome, defender of wild wood, watcher of the woods, little wonder, mistress of beasts, wild hunter, predator from prey, bane of arha edhil, protector or boulder valley
class: peasant
race: halfling
alignment: chaotic good
age: 30
marital status: single, not interested
sexuality: heterosexual
family: pott buckberry (father, deceased), nimellia buckberry, nee weedwhit (mother, deceased), fradric buckberry (brother)
occupation: ranger
hometown: redwater, dalry (though she wouldn't call it home)
current residence: wild wood, endless forest, mirerenna
gear & abilities abilities: has a spark of nature magic in her that she's able to use for healing, she is especially good at purging poisons and disease, and treating wounds, has the ability to remain unseen in the trees for as long as possible, has a natural knack for animal training and husbandry.
training: exceptionally good with a bow, especially sharpshooting from a long distance, also a decent amount of training with sword and dagger play and defending herself at close range.
languages: common tongue (pretends not to understand among most other races though), fluent in wildling dialect.
clothing/armor: dark brown leather breeches, bodice, bracers and boots, dark teal cotton tunic, leather belt with various pouches hanging from it, green hood, half mask that covers the bottom half of her face. 1 2
weapons: elven made shortbow that she's able to use as a longbow, elven made short sword used as a greatsword, pair of man made letter openers used as daggers, all of it stolen.
carrying: quiver filled with arrows, a variety of anecdotes for various poisons, along with other salves and potions, canteen, some trail food, flaying knife, rope.
companions: a badger that she trained as a battle pet named zojja.
height: 3'8
build: average for a halfling
hair: blonde, very curly and long
eyes: blue
distinguishing marks: pierced ears, a very delicate gold nose ring

there are some who have traversed the endless forest road many times and only heard of the halflings turned wildlings living among the trees, or been fortunate enough to escape their rain of arrows. tassah swiftarrow prides herself on not being seen by many outside of her community of wildlings for many years. the few who have laid eyes on her though have been greeted by an average height and weight female halfling, just past maturity, with very long, very curly light blonde hair, which is usually worn down with various small braids, along with twigs and leaves caught in it. her eyes are wide and innocent, typical of her kind, and light blue. if she is away from home, she is always outfitted in leather armor and dark colors meant to blend in with the forest, along with a variety of weapons that are mostly stolen from travelers in the woods and repurposed for her. she wears more jewelry than common for a wildling, including earrings, a nose piercing, necklaces and rings of all kinds of make, usually stolen off the corpses of those she's shot down because they wandered too far into wildling territories.
traits: adorableness, avenger, child of nature, courageous, dat booty doe, introversion, lithe, problem with authority, quiet anger, reckless, savage tendencies, weapon specialist
ideals: no cage can hold me.
bonds: an amber necklace that she never takes off, it belonged to her mother, and was the only thing of value she possessed. tassah considers it good luck and kisses it every time she's about to go into battle.
flaws: compulsive killer, detached, fearless, high metabolism, traplover, short temper

typically very guarded and stoic, as she doesn't ever want to put her cards on the table as far as feelings go, though she does feel very deeply. in her mind it's better to hide your emotions and bonds away, out of fear someone may try to use them against you someday. upon first meeting she may seem wise beyond her years, considering everything she has been though, and that she can be very patient, especially when taking her shot, ensuring it's done just right and will undoubtedly land on its mark. however, she still has moments where she flashes back to a halfling just past maturity and when pushed too far in battle, she can snap and become ruthless to the extreme. she will hold a grudge for eternity toward anyone who does her wrong. those she cares for are usually viewed as people she needs to look after, since she believes there are very few people she knows (especially outside of wild wood) who are able to take care of themselves better than she can. around the very short list of people she feels she can let her guard down around, she can actually revert to a halfling of her age, smile, and enjoy herself, though that's very rare.
originally born into servitude in redwater, dalry, tassah spent her entire life being groomed to become the next servant to a cruel lord after her mother eventually became too old for work. her small, poor family came from a long line of halflings who had been brought over from the island during the slave trade and spent all their lives serving lords and ladies until they became too old and weak to work, and were traded out for a younger counterpart, which had been trained from the time they were able to walk to serve the larger races of tyriedar. being moved into retirement was a sure sign that they'd be dead within weeks, since the nobility literally worked their slaves to death. tassah's father, pott, had been an animal herder and caretaker who, perhaps fortunately for him, had died rather early in life from illness. after he was gone, his only son, fradric, stepped into his place. it was through them that tassah learned about animals, how to care for them, train them, and how to use a bow in order to keep predators away. as far as jobs for halflings in redwater went, it wasn't the worst. her mother, nimellia, had it far worse as a house halfling, who was expected to be at the beckoned call of her master and his family, no matter what. tassah was trained to cook, heal, clean, and serve in preparation for the day her mother was retired, though when her mother fell ill and died shortly after, tassah couldn't bring herself to enter into that kind of servitude. despite not quite having reached maturity, she declined her mother being buried in the sad, cramped halfling cemetaries in town, packed her ashes in an urn and left in the night.

her first stop was boulder valley, where she knew her mother's sister lived, and hoped she would find refuge there. for a time there she was settled, and as happy as tassah can be. she was very fond of her cousin, finn, and spent a lot of time there listening to him play music while she wasn't volunteering as a sentry at the gates, guarding the small town from any outsiders who may want to come steal away halflings in the night to sell at auction. not long after arriving though, it started to become apparent to tassah that her aunt was not overly fond of her. after all, she was a runaway slave, and a natural troublemaker who she believed would only bring tragedy to their house. so tassah packed up and moved away, this time heading into the forbidding endless forest. it had always been her goal to reach halfling land before scattering her mother's ashes, where she could be finally be free from servitude. there, she found the wildlings of the wild wood, who were quick to adopt her into their community. after all, she had some useful skills, and was extremely talented with a bow, which made her an asset. from then on she remained in the forest, guarding her fellow wildlings with great tenacity. when she is not perched in the trees, watching for interlopers who may challenge their way of life, she is back in wild wood, where she works with local wildlife, training them to become feirce battle pets. just recently, with the re-emergence of magic, she has begun to notice sparks of it existing in her, mainly concerning healing and animals, though she hasn't made it widely known. using the glowing plants found in the forest, she is tinkering around with making salves and oils to help with healing and battle.